On January 20, 2005, after 18 months of shooting our first travel portfolio as a team, Jessie & James founded "Morgan Owens Photo" (M.O.P.) at the Queens courthouse. We had our first shoot later that week, at the brand new smash hit burger joint the Shake Shack in Madison Square. The hamburger shot ran in Travel + Leisure under the byline Morgan & Owens, and we were on our way. We began as a partnership, and we are now a family, photographing the world we want to see.

As of August 2021, we are based in The Hague.

Available for select* assignments. 

*In this, the late stage of a global pandemic, either we bring our 9-year-old assistant with us or we send only one of us (usually James). We can help you decide which option best suits the current situation.

+1 (917) 412-0813

Instagram: @morganandowens


Who we are:

James Owens:

Photographer, lighting guru, dad, social justice advocate, and family chef. - solo work and collaborations, high-end real estate and interiors photography and commercial restaurant image services

Former staffer for Propeller: A Force for Social Innovation

Jessie Morgan-Owens, PhD:

Photographer, art director, mom, writer, activist, teacher, and family declutterer.

Author of Girl in Black and White: The Story of Mary Mildred Williams and the Abolition Movement (Norton 2019), a book about a photograph, called "groundbreaking" by Maurice Berger. Author website

University Lecturer in American Literature, Leiden University​



The Basics

Life is extraordinary. Cherish the time spent together making art. Talent is intended to be used as a form of service. Remember, when the flight is delayed, what your grandmother believed: that being asked to travel for work is an honor. It shows that your mind, your talent, and your voice are required.  


To our audience 

We recognize that photography powerfully propagates stereotypes. For this reason, we actively avoid making or publishing pictures that cast non-white people as exotic or other, that objectify women, that confirm hierarchies, norms, or categorizations, or that stereotype anyone from any place. 


To our editors, producers, and buyers

We have both walked many miles in your shoes. We know the budget is not your fault. We know the deadline is tight, tight, tight. We respect how you have developed your eye; we hope to choose the right dialect for our images to speak for you. 


To our subjects

We honor makers. We respect the time that it took to learn your craft. We will try to capture the pride you place in your work, whatever it is. We want to make images that can serve as a conduit for your talents. We will use our platform and talent to combat the problem of invisibility, by promoting the work you do to make our world run.


To future photographers

We ask you to consider: what no longer adds value to the world? What can we as image-makers create that has not been made before? This awesome responsibility is yours to hold. 

Croatia, 2007

Hanoi, 2010